Montana Muir Scene Lake Sticker by Graphic Imprints


SKU: 74531


  • Size: 3" inches by 3" inches
  • Made in Montana

If you have ever been to Montana, you know how relatable this John Muir quote is. The nature in Montana can get very wild, but luckily, "There is a love wild nature in everybody." This Montana Muir Scene Lake Sticker by Graphic Imprints will be a great choice for you the next time you are looking for a sticker. Use this sticker to remember your trip to Montana or, if you live in Montana, this sticker would be a great way to show off more of what makes you, you. 

Based out of Billings, MT, Graphic Imprints strives to make business personal by building long-term relationships with their customers. Since doing business since 2003, they quickly gained a reputation for valuing the unique differences of the brands, businesses and organizations they got to work with. We love businesses that personalize their relationships with their customers and that is why we carry products by Graphic Imprints. Graphic Imprints is a great company to purchase from. Not only do they have beautiful product, they make their products right here in Montana.