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Montana Scene Cast Brass Belt Buckle by Colorado Silver Star


SKU: 38907
  • Made in the USA
  • Cast Brass Buckle 
  • Hand Crafted

From the rivers to the mountain peaks, Montana is home to nothing but beauty. The trout swim naturally, and the bears roam with ease. These forests live and breathe in a pristine way. Many ranchers, outfitters, and anglers use this land for recreation, work, and living! These individuals depend on the land as much as they depend on their belt buckles to hold their Levi's up when it counts. Colorado Silver Star is their best asset when it comes to providing amazing belt buckles with an artistic twist!

Colorado Silver Star crafts wonderful belt buckles and other metal accessories all in the Rocky Mountain region. With the high altitude comes a higher standard of the belt buckle. Amidst the forests and mountains on your belt buckle is a passion that comes through a quality buckle that is unmatched! Grab your next favorite belt buckle today!