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Montana Scene Standing Bear Cast Brass Belt Buckle by Colorado Silver Star


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  • Made in the USA
  • Cast Brass Material
  • 3D Construction

If you encounter a bear, do not run. It's for your own safety. Bears aren't the easiest animals to find on a whim in the woods, but sure enough, they'll find you! These animals aren't out there to get us, but make a wrong step into their territory and you may have to make an escape plan. Luckily these bears can be viewed in safety and no, we're not talking about the Zoo. Colorado Silver Star has brought these majestic beasts right to your belt buckle. Positioned in front of a beautiful Montana backdrop, these bears and your pants will be safely secured with metal. 

Combining stunning artwork with pure functionality, Colorado Silver Star creates beautiful metal accessories and Belt Buckles right at the foot of the Colorado Rockies. From start to finish, these Buckles are brought to life all within Colorado Silver Star's shop in Denver, Colorado. Bring home a piece of the west with your very own Montana Scene Belt Buckle from Colorado Silver Star today!