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Montana Standing Bear Pewter Belt Buckle by Colorado Silver Star


SKU: 38912
  • Made in the USA
  • Cast Pewter
  • 3D Design

If the bear is standing right in front of you, chances are you might be in a little trouble. Your escape route from a situation like that is essential, and if you have pants that aren't staying around your waist... this situation can get even worse. Getting caught with your pants down can be a true issue, so don't let it! Introducing a belt buckle from Colorado Silver Star. This belt buckle will keep your pants up while holding it's quality and style! This standing bear will ward off pants hitting the ground, so make this buckle your new pant-asset!

Colorado Silver Star creates wonderful belt buckles and other metal western accessories right at the foot of the Continental Divide in Colorado. Each belt buckle is handcrafted and finished all in-house. From start to finish, each product is crafted to perfection and brought to individuals from all over! These people know a thing or two about high-altitude western living, so your pants will finally be in good hands! Grab one today and say no-more to falling pants.