Montana Tag with Heart Figaro Chain Necklace by RoseworksMT


SKU: 62776


  • Made in Montana
  • Hand Crafted with Real Copper
  • Heat Treated for a Unique Colorway

If you've been looking for the perfect Montana jewelry, you'll love our Montana Tag with Heart Figaro Chain Necklace by RoseworksMT. Made in Bigfork, MT, this necklace is hand-crafted with real copper. What's so unique about his piece however, is that it has been heat-treated to show off a beautiful rainbow-like colorway. Whether you've been looking for a perfect new piece to add to your own collection, or have been on the hunt for the perfect Montana gifts, we know you will love this unique piece. 

John Rose, the artist behind RoseworksMT, is truly excellent at what he does. With a passion for making beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry, John has a process that you won't find elsewhere. With his primary medium being genuine copper, each piece is cut, hammered for texture, and heat-treated with a torch. As such, many of his artworks boast a rainbow-like glow! Each piece stands on its own, sometimes showing brilliant colors of purple, blue, green, red, and orange!