Montana with Heart Copper Dish by RoseWorksMT


SKU: 70753


  • 3" in diameter
  • Made in Big Fork, Montana
  • Handcrafted copper work

It seems there are always little trinkets and change lying around in the house. It can clutter up your purse, your car, or your counter. So, what do you do to keep things organized? Get yourself a Montana with Heart Copper Dish by RoseWorksMT. Such a simple little piece packs a ton of beauty. This little dish makes an excellent Montana gift, but you'll probably want to keep it all for yourself. Made of hand-stamped copper and fired to create the unique coloring, you know you're getting a piece made with passion and love.

John Rose has been making fine copper artwork in Big Fork, Montana for years. He understands that artwork doesn't just have to be pretty and often creates unique, functional pieces for the household. The Montana outline with the heart in the center is the perfect way to remember your trip to Montana or to add to your Montana-themed decor. Great for loose change or knick-knacks, this would also look great on your dresser as a place for your favorite rings or other jewelry. Whatever you decide to do with your Montana with Heart Copper Dish by RoseWorksMT, you're going to love it