Moose in Water Round Earrings by Lynn Bean


Brand: Lynn Bean
SKU: 78835


  • Hypoallergenic wire
  • Features unique artwork from Lynn Bean
  • Made in Oregon

If you're lucky enough to see the majestic moose in the wild, you know what a rare sight you are able to see. Even if you can't be in the mountains to witness that, you can wear these Moose in Water Round Earrings by Lynn Bean! Moose are elusive and even though they are some of the biggest land mammals out there, they are speedy. So, catching one in the wild takes a bit of luck and a lot of patience. But, be sure to keep your distance. If you stumble upon a mama moose with her calf, she will not hesitate to make her presence known! However, you never have to worry or fear wearing these beautiful Lynn Bean metal earrings!

Lynn takes all of her inspiration from the natural world around her. She spent many years on a remote ranch in Oregon, where she felt blessed to have a lot of unique interactions with the wildlife. Today, those moments are translated into her art for all to share. The process to put her beautiful work on jewelry is also very unique. Beginning with coiled copper sheets, they are greased, polished, and brushed to protect from wear and tarnish. From there, Lynn's designs are printed in silver and applied on the copper sheets. Then, using special tools, each piece of jewelry is cut and assembled. With that much craftsmanship involved, you're sure to love these Moose in Water Round Earrings by Lynn Bean.