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Moose Smooches Chocolate Almonds by Huckleberry People


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  • 4 oz
  • Made in Montana
  • Resealable packaging

Get a little sweet with your smooches! Moose Smoches Chocolate Covered Almonds by Huckleberry People are a simple and delicious chocolate-y treat to help you curb any sweets cravings you might have throughout the day! No frills but all flavor, pop a couple of these chocolate-covered almonds when you need a little pick-me-up during the day. These babies hit all the right notes of a good snack: you get the crunch and the health benefits from almonds, but you also get a yummy drizzle of chocolate over the top so you don't feel like you're just eating healthy food. Because the package is resealable, you can pack these with you on your next flight or hike when you need a little sustenance. 

The Huckleberry People have been handcrafting delicious Montana-made foods since 1982. In the beginning, they had a single goal: to make the most scrumptious handmade huckleberry jam they possibly could. While huckleberries are native to the Northwest, many people don't get the joy of tasting them year-round like we do, and so they hoped to share this unique berry with people all over the country! Since then, they have branched into a range of Montana goodies, some with huckleberries and some that are simply just so darn good. In their words, they hope you find something from them that's slightly sinful! We suggest starting with Moose Smooches Chocolate Almonds by Huckleberry People.