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Moose Tree Bark Ornament by EarthWood


Brand: EarthWood
SKU: 56218


  • Measures approx. 5"
  • Made with olive wood
  • Handcrafted in Bethlehem

Add a little rustic simplicity with this Moose Tree Bark Ornament by EarthWood. A wooden ornament is great for any tree because there are no clashing colors or differing styles to worry about. In fact, this ornament could be hung out beyond the Christmas season as a beautiful piece to showcase your love for the outdoors or if you're a person who just likes moose. The unique thing about these ornaments is that they are carved from olive branches. No trees are ever cut down as they just gather the deadfall branches. Then, they are dried for a year before the wood is carved. Because of this, no two ornaments are ever alike.

EarthWood is based in the heart of Jerusalem. It is run by a father-son duo, Ibrahim and Salem. Ibrahim is a fourth-generation Christian wood carver who first learned this unique skill from his father and grandfather. His grandfather studied in Bethlehem and then at the Academy of Fine Art in Italy. Now, he works with his brothers, sons, and father, but Ibrahim creates all the designs and personally finishes and polishes every single piece. In short, you know that when you purchase one of these, you're getting something that someone has put so much care and time in. Decorate with that same feeling with you hang up your Moose Tree Bark Ornament by EarthWood.