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Moosehead Bell by Belsnickel Enterprises


SKU: 12250


  • Wildlife Inspired Design
  • Brass Plated Bells
  • Made in the USA

There's nothing like some fun jingle bells to ring in the holiday season, pun intended! If you have been on the hunt for some fun new Christmas decorations to fill your home with joy, make sure to check out our wide range of brass jingle bells from Belsnickel Enterprises. For a fun wildlife-inspired touch to your rustic home, we've been loving the Moosehead Bell! These Brass Plated Bells are made here in the USA, and as Belsnickel Enterprises puts it, "act as decorative jingle bells"! If there is one thing we know for sure, it's that you will be well aware of when you have company! 

Commonly referred to as "the bell people" Belsnickel Enterprises is a company that is passionate about warming up the homes of families throughout the nation. With their life of fun jingle bells and Christmas decor, there is no way you won't have a holly & jolly holiday season! From traditional designs to bells designed specifically for animal lovers, Belsnickel Enterprises surely has the perfect jingle bells for you. 

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