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Mountain Goats Scene Montana Magnet


SKU: 45921

House Accessories Category: Within our Kitchen Accessories, we bring you only the highest quality Refrigerator Magnets. The Mountain Goats Scene Montana Magnet comes to you from Lantern Press in Seattle, Washington. All of their images come from a collection of vintage photographs, advertising signs, fruit crate labels, travel posters and artwork. This magnet features a truly vintage moment on the front. As the true hikers of the wilderness, these mountain goats have taken an entire day to scale these craggy mountains. They are enjoying the view from the top for now, but soon they will return to the base for food and shelter. Above this frozen moment is the name of the great state of Montana, letting everyone who sees it know how much fun you had on your westward trip. As one of the finest Refrigerator Magnets from our Kitchen Accessories collection, this magnet is sure to become a favorite treasure in your household.