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Munching Moose Ornament by Old World Christmas


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  • Blown Glass Ornament
  • 3”
  • Hand Painted Design

As the largest species of deer currently in existence, the moose strikes an imposing figure! These impressive creatures are most active at dusk and dawn, and are most at home in wetlands and marshes - despite their gangly appearance, these monumental mammals are actually very accomplished swimmers, and get quite a lot of their diet from water-based vegetation.

This Christmas, add one of these wonderful critters to your holiday home with the Munching Moose Ornament by Old World Christmas!

Founded in 1979, Old World Christmas offers quality traditional blown-glass ornaments in a variety of styles and designs for affordable prices. Each one of over 1400 designs is created from glass blown into a special mold. The ornaments are then cooled, hand painted, and glittered with an attention to detail observable in every piece! This Christmas, add something special and unique to your Christmas tree!