Mythical Creature Warmies by Intelex USA (5 styles)


SKU: 82292


  • Mythical Warmies Size - 13" inches tall
  • Junior Mythical Warmies Size - 9" inches tall
  • Made with Real Lavender
  • Heating and Cooling

Have you ever wished for a magical friend that will stay by your side when things get scary? Well, the fairies have heard your wish and made your new best friend out of the fluffiest clouds! Introducing the Mythical Creature Warmies by Intelex USA. These magical creatures are waiting for you, which one will you choose? Are you a fan of unicorns, with their rainbow-colored energy and their loyal demeanor? Or are dragons more your kind of mythical creature? No matter who you choose, know that they all RE made of the softest fur, the best cuddles, and the ability to be warm and cold!

The most magical thing about Warmies is they provide relief and relaxation. When you want to warm them up, pop them in the microwave for 90 seconds. They get hot enough to warm you up. Plus, the real Lavender inside will add an extra level of relaxation only a magical creature could provide. They also have the ability to cool you down after a couple of hours in the freezer. Mythical Creature Warmies by Intelex USA are for any age to enjoy, as long as you want to relax and enjoy their aromatherapy!