Nancy Seiler Aspen Seasonal Colors Box Art by Meissenburg Designs (4 Styles)


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  • Approx. 18" x 28" 
  • Made in Montana
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Montana has some beautiful seasons. From warm summer days spent lounging beside the lake, to crisp winter mornings spent admiring the white-capped mountains. With Nancy Seiler Aspen Seasonal Colors Box Art from Meissenburg Designs, you can enjoy the beauty of the seasons at all times of the year. The Nancy Seiler Aspen Seasonal Colors Box Art by Meissenburg Designs comes in all four seasons giving you an endless sea of possibilities. Hang the four together in a beautiful nature display or maybe rotate them out to match the season. You could even display the Nancy Seiler Aspen Summer Colors Box Art in the winter and vice versa to give yourself a fun contrast to the weather outside!

 Nancy Seiler is a local Montanan artist who gets inspiration from the beautiful nature found in the Big Sky Country. Nancy is inspired by the vibrant colors of nature as well as the amazing and unique textures it has to offer. Wetting the canvas first, Nancy uses acrylic paints in a fun and spontaneous way, allowing the colors to flow and blend naturally in the water.