Natural Aspen Wire Earrings by Rocky Mountain Leaf Company


SKU: 75975


  • Real Aspen Leaves
  • Unique, Nature-Inspired Design
  • Professionally Coated in 24K Gold

Aspen trees have beautifully shaped leaves. The aspen tree symbolizes adventure, self expression, and power which we think is a great reason to make them into something you can wear! The Natural Aspen Wire Earrings by Rocky Mountain Leaf Company are a gorgeous rust orange color, and are complimented by gold hooks.  Although this tree is common, it offers encouragement to be your true self, and to fully express yourself in a more open and honest matter. These charming earrings will offer you a constant reminder to be true to who you are, and to always remember that the world wants to see what you have to offer! 

Rocky Mountain Leaf Company is a company based in Golden, Colorado.  Which is very fitting because all of their stunning jewelry pieces shine bright! This innovative company strips leaves, cones, and acorns of their organic material, and then coats them in precious metals, ensuring that they are able to be treasured for a lifetime! The Natural Aspen Wild Earrings are coated in high-quality shiny resin, and are an excellent nature-inspired piece to add to your jewelry collection!