Natural Leather and Wool Hiking Boot Toy by Tall Tails


Brand: Tall Tails
SKU: 77614


  • 16" long leather tug toy
  • Made with vegetable-tanned leather and reinforced layers of natural wool-felt
  • No glue, toxic, or artificial substances

Get your dog their own shoe to play with instead of tearing up your boots! Tall Tails knows what dogs want to play tug with, so they bring their customers the best of the best. The Natural Leather and Wool Hiking Boot Toy by Tall Tails is recommended for medium to large dogs, and is perfect for any game of fetch, tug-of-war, and other interactive play times! However, this leather toy is not a chew toy so if the toy ever becomes a choking hazard, be sure to supervise your doggie during playtime.

Tall Tails started their comfort mission creating beds, blankets and throws to be the epitome of comfort. Since they've been at it for a long time, they are one of our most trusted vendors when it comes to making your dog happy! From what started as a family-owned infant bedding, blanket and apparel company, Tall Tails has been helping babies and pets stay comfortable and safe since 1933. Get your dog the best toys out there and get those tails wagging! 

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