Natural Wood Square Base by MOVA Globe


SKU: 63357


  • Made of polished wood
  • Great added elegance for your MOVA Globe
  • Based in California

If you're looking for a little added display for your MOVA Globe, we recommend this stylish Natural Wood Square Base by MOVA Globe. While all MOVAs come with the three-point acrylic base, it can be fun to change up the look every now and then. Some beautiful wood is a great way to make that happen! This is a wonderful way to match a dark and moody interior or a professional office. Of course, you can keep the acrylic base at the ready for when it's time to switch up to that clear and clean look, but it's fun to play around with this beloved piece and really make it match your style! 

MOVA Globes are based out of California. In 2003, their founder, Bill French, began MOVA globes in the basement of his home in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California. With a unique passion for solar energy and magnetism, he wanted to combine his loves and celebrate them with something you display on your desk or bookshelf. Because of his dedication to this innovation, all MOVA globes spin naturally. There are no pesky wires, plugs, or lights that you have to set up. You simply unpack your globe and let solar power do the work! If you're a lover of these globes, then you'll love the ambiance this base brings to your favorite pieces. Take your decorating to the next level with this Natural Wood Square Base by MOVA Globe.

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