Nature Gem Sterling Silver Earrings by Semaki & Bird (13 Styles)


SKU: 80065


  • Crafted From Sterling Silver & Natural Gems
  • Made in the USA
  • 11 Nature-Inspired Designs (Priced per Pair)

Add some natural sparkle to your look with Semaki & Bird's Nature Gem Earrings. Crafted from sterling silver and natural gems, these 11 unique designs are inspired by nature and made in the USA. Choose from 11 styles, priced per pair. A touch of Mother Nature for your ears!

Semaki & Bird is a company that is not only passionate about bringing you products that are crafted from earth-friendly materials but is designs its presentations and packaging! Its range of unique nature-inspired jewelry designs is stunning and makes for an excellent addition to anyone's jewelry collection. Unleash the beauty of the bear with the Nature Gem Sterling Silver Earrings by Semaki & Bird!