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Neat Whiskey Smoker Set by Blue Wing Woodcraft


SKU: 83695


  • Made in Montana
  • The Perfect Gift for Cocktail Enthusiasts!
  • Set Includes:
    • Neat Whiskey Smoker
    • Butane Torch (butane not included)
    • Smoke Chips (Cherry, White Oak, Sugar Maple, Hickory)

The Whiskey Pig® Neat Whiskey Smoker Set is the perfect gift for the sophisticated cocktail enthusiast. Handcrafted in Montana from the finest black walnut and curly maple, this set allows you to infuse your favorite bourbon or whiskey with a rich, smoky flavor. The set includes a Neat Whiskey Smoker, Butane Torch (butane not included), and four smoke chips (Cherry, White Oak, Sugar Maple, Hickory). Elevate your tasting experience to new heights and explore the myriad of flavor options with this exclusive set!

Included Wood Chip Flavors:

Cherry: Cherry wood chips lend a sweet, smoky essence, perfectly complementing Irish Whiskey.

White Oak: White Oak, cultivated from the very same tree that is used to age Bourbon and whiskey, invigorates and heightens the caramelized oak nuances of these spirits!

Sugar Maple: Savor the delightful smoky maple syrup flavor of Sugar Maple, enhancing the flavor of an old-fashioned and many other drinks.

Hickory: For a bold, luxurious smokiness in your cocktails, Hickory is the perfect choice.

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