Obsidian Blend Coffee by Morning Glory Coffee (2 sizes)


SKU: 71464
  • Made in Montana
  • Ground, flavored, and blended especially for Montana Gift Corral
  • Custom Labelling Available (Call for pricing/specifics)

The Obsidian Blend from Morning Glory Coffee captures true boldness echoing a similar strength as the buffalo wandering the National Park through winter. Strong, bold coffee will encapture the attention of any tired soul slowly starting their morning. Revitalize as the Obsidian Blend touches your lips and fills your body with energy, warmth, and joy. 

Morning Glory Coffee is a local company established in West Yellowstone, right next to Yellowstone National Park. The family-owned business has been serving coffee here since 2005. Using ethically and sustainably sourced coffee beans, Morning Glory Coffee ensures that every brew you get is great for you and our planet!