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Onyx Vase by Western Woods Distributing


SKU: 45730


  • Measures approx. 4" in diameter
  • Materials: banded onyx
  • Shaped in Utah
  • Each vase is extremely unique. This picture is representative of what the obelisk looks like, but we cannot guarantee that you will get this exact one. 

We love a good functional piece of home decor and this cute Onyx Vase by Western Woods Distributing is perfect. When you're looking for those perfect little touches to complete a look in your home, banded onyx can really bring a bit of sophistication to your decor aesthetic. While this vase is small and squatty, the beautiful accents in the onyx bring in nice flashes of color that pair well with a range of design choices. It's also a lovely way to display some fake florals or maybe even a nice taper candle for just a hint of elegance in your home. 

Western Woods Distributing is based out of Utah and while they source their gems and rocks from all over the world, all of the shaping, cutting, and polishing happens at their facility in St. George. As part of the gem and rock industry since 1980, they not only know how to pick the best rocks and gemstones, they also know what they are doing as they work with the raw material. Keeping onyx near you is supposed to help with your stress level and help you sleep better. So, this little vase would look perfect on a bedside table to make your bedtime ritual that much easier. The Onyx Vase by Western Woods Distributing is sure to be a wonderful addition to your home!