Ornament Stand by Inner Beauty (2 sizes)


SKU: 74475


  • Materials: metal
  • sturdy base
  • Made to fit a range of ornaments

When the tree has to come down for the year, sometimes you don't want to see all the sparkly wonders get packed away. Use an Ornament Stand by Inner Beauty to display your favorite unique Christmas ornament all year round! This stand is designed with a little flourish, but as a way to give full view of your Inner Beauty Christmas ornament. Tie the gold tassel of your favorite piece and you'll be able to see it from all angles. The scenes painted by these expertly talented artists are often 360 views, so it's great to have a simple, beautiful stand that puts that at the forefront. You could spruce it up with a strand of fairy lights if you wanted a little extra glow for your viewing! 

Inner Beauty ornaments are crafted by hand painting from the inside of the glass using a specially bent set of brushes. It's the unique display of artwork that you're going to want to have around all year round. Plus, many of their designs go beyond just Christmas-themed: from forest animals to deep sea fish to beautiful lighthouses, there's a little bit of something for everyone in an Inner Beauty ornament. This stand allows you to switch out your favorites with ease as the seasons change. They can be the star of the show during the Christmas season, but that doesn't mean the beauty has to end. Celebrate all year round with the Ornament Stand by Inner Beauty!