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Painted Montana Scene Belt Buckle by Colorado Silver Star


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  • Cast Pewter
  • Made in the USA
  • Hand Crafted/Finished

Finding your own mountain view usually comes with a journey. Your journey may start on a rocky off-road trail or a trailhead deep in the forest. Your journey may start at the front door of your house, or even on your own property. Wherever your mountain journey begins, make sure you're prepared to embark without your pants falling to your boots. This belt buckle will help with such an issue, and you won't have to wait to see your perfect mountain view since it'll be traveling near your belt loops the entire way! These buckles are treasures, so grab one today. 

Colorado Silver Star creates wonderful metalware accessories right at the foot of the Colorado Rockies in Denver, Colorado. These quality belt buckles are designed, crafted, and finalized all in-shop, so there's no jumping around with your belt buckle. From ranchers, riders, and nightly town-goers, this belt buckle is versatile for any occasion. Elevate your western fashion and your trousers with a little help from Colorado Silver Star belt buckles!