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Parvaneh Jewelled Butterflies Ornament by Inner Beauty


SKU: 76656


  • Measures approx. 2.75" W x 3.75" L
  • Hand Painted
  • Gift Box Included

There is nothing quite like the Parvaneh Jeweled Butterflies Ornament by Inner Beauty. This unique ornament is intricately hand-painted with delicate strokes, showcasing its high level of detail! Add a touch of color and nature-inspired flair to your holiday décor this year with the Parvaneh Jeweled Butterflies Ornament. Here at Montana Gift Corral, we love Inner Beauty, and we know that you will as well!

What makes these ornaments so unique is how they are crafted. First, the body of the ornament is made from mouth-blown glass to create this beautiful shape. Then, the design is actually applied inside of the ornament. So, they start with the most detailed elements first. The Inner Beauty Ornaments are quite literally hand-painted from the inside out, which showcases their intricate detail! Add the Parvaneh Jeweled Butterflies Ornament by Inner Beauty to your arsenal of holiday décor, we know you will be obsessed!

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