Patched by Kyle Steiner


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Patched is a heartwarming tale of a balloon, floating high in the sky. One day, the balloon pops and falls down from the blue sky.  What happens when a balloon pops? Where does the balloon land? On this adventure, Patch lands right in Bozeman, Montana by Chase, a young and wanderlust child. Follow Patch and Chase through their many adventures in Bozeman in Patched by Kyle Steiner. 

Kyle Steiner had an ambition. He wanted to start an entertainment and multimedia company that could produce original content as well as provide services for external clients. Kyle got the opportunity to begin developing his skills and dream in 2013 and 2014 when he worked as an apprentice at KGLT and got his own night show The Key Listener Show.    While Kyle was tirelessly working to make his dream a reality, he noticed a little balloon drifting over Bozeman. He watched it for a minute and wondered “where will it land if it pops?” At that moment Kyle gained inspiration for his book. And it would be a tribute to the city Kyle loves the most, Bozeman.