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Pine Tree Climbing Black Bear by Ditz Designs


SKU: 82056


  • Lights up
  • 40" tall
  • Made in Ohio

Bring a little woodsy wonder to your home year-round with this Pine Tree Climbing Black Bear by Ditz Designs. While most known for their beautiful American-made Christmas decorations, Ditz Designs also works to create unique items that give people something beautiful and rustic to decorate with year-round. This pine tree bear measuring 40" tall, is a simple and beautiful way to celebrate the outdoors in your home. With a humble burlap base, the star of the show is definitely the cute, little bear. With his endearing face and his soft fur, it'll be hard to not walk by this piece and pet this little fellow! 

Ditz Designs is a legacy company based out of Norwalk, Ohio. It all started with Joyce Ditz who was creating beautiful, artistic decor in her basement when she realized there was high demand for what she was making. Some of her first pieces were hand puppets for kids that helped with the Lung Association's program called "Dangers of Smoking." That kicked off in 1979, and Joyce founded her own company in 1980 after seeing the joy her creations brought. Today, these bears, trees, and Santas can be found all over the world, but the quality of construction has never been sacrificed. Bring the Pine Tree Climbing Black Bear by Ditz Designs into your home today!