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Primavera Disc Soap by European Soaps (3 Scents)


SKU: 81121


  • Made in Italy
  • 3.5 oz
  • 3 scents

Surprisingly, Montana has a couple of things in common with Italy. One being our appreciation for local businesses and markets! A love of beauty, artistry and quality can be seen in the Primavera Disc Soap by European Soaps. Crafted with ingredients that are amazing for your skin such as shea butter, glycerin, Italian olive oil and coconut oil, these handmade soap bars gently remove dirt and grime leaving skin feeling love.

As a division of Pre de Provence, European Soaps employs French artisans to use tradition-tested recipes and techniques to create fine body products. All of their French soaps are triple-milled to remove impurities and create rich, easily lather-able textures. Some of the things you won't find in these great soaps are: GMOs, petrochemicals, shellac, or plasticizers. These additives can be harmful to your skin, so we appreciate the passion for quality and care that European Soaps shows to their customers. Not to mention all of their moisturizing ingredients are all-natural and organic! We love it!

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