Rain and Bow Gun Cover by Myra Bag


Brand: Myra Bag
SKU: 80730


  • 15" long and 8" wide
  • Zippered closure
  • Made from recycled material

Bring your gun along with you, but make it stylish! The Rain and Bow Gun Cover by Myra Bag allows you to concealed carry in the prettiest of ways! Zippered for security, easily fit your handgun in this unique pouch and keep it in your car or pop it into your purse for added protection. Because this cover is made from recycled material, you get a really unique look to the whole thing. The front is striped with various muted colors and that design continues part way across the back but finishes with interesting shape details. Pair this gun cover with any outfit and people will never know you're a stylish lady who's packing! 

Myra Bag specializes in functional pieces for the everyday person with an elevated look. Combining a desire to use recycled materials with a commitment to keeping their accessories reasonably priced, you're sure to find what you're looking for from Myra Bag! From clutches and totes to wallets and duffles, their range of items will make any travel girlie happy. It's always a joy to be able to be organized, well-stocked, and looking good and that's exactly what you can expect from every Myra Bag you purchase. For the gun-totin' gal in your life, we recommend the Rain and Bow Gun Cover by Myra Bag!