Rainbow Poplar Wooden Quote Box by Wood You Tell Me (7 designs)


SKU: 71966
  • Crafted from Rainbow Poplar Wood
  • Made in the USA
  • 2.5" x 3" x 3" 

There are some heartwarming quotes that really sing to people when they are heard. Do you have a favorite quote? Do any quotes make you think of Montana? Get reminded daily by a quote that sings to you, whether it is about skiing, hiking, or simply enjoying nature. Rainbow Poplar Wooden Quote boxes are handmade to help remind you of the little things in life that are easy to forget in this busy day-to-day life. 

Rainbow Poplar wood is not its own species of wood, but actually is an effect of Yellow Poplar wood being altered naturally. With Yellow Poplar being so light and receptive to minerals, the wood will change colors as different minerals are absorbed into the tree. This causes a rainbow of colors from greens and blues, all the way to reds, purples, and blacks. With this wide array of variation, no one box offers the same grain colors, and customers should be aware that the boxes will vary slightly in appearance.