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Roadside History of Montana by Don Spritzer


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  • 6" inches by 9" inches
  • Soft Cover
  • 432 pages

Roadside History of Montana is a great book that allows the reader to experience the history of Montana in a warm and unique manner. Full of historical stories from cowboys, dry-land farmers, park rangers, minors and smoke jumpers, this book is a fun way to understanding history. This western book not only includes local history sources and anecdotal segments that lighthearted and realistic, it also has 170 historical black and white photographs to really paint the scene. 

Roadside History of Montana is the perfect gift for the history buff or anyone into learning the history of Montana through story and historical imagery. Dividing the state into 6 geographical-historical areas, the author Don Spritzer creates a historical timeline that follows main highways, pulling stories of those along the way to create a better understanding of Montana.