Rocky Mountains Stripe Montana Sticker by Graphic Imprints


SKU: 74529


  • Made in Montana
  • Mountain-Inspired Design
  • Decorative Stickers

If you don't have a bumper sticker from Montana, did you even really travel through the Big Sky state? All jokes aside, make sure you check out our line of fun stickers from Graphic Imprints! One of our current faves is the Rocky Mountains Stripe Montana Sticker by Graphic Imprints. Featuring a fun and colorful mountain design, this fun sticker is sure to make you look like a true road tripper! Made right here in Montana, you can rest assured knowing that you are picking up a keepsake that is authentically Montanan! 

Based in Billings, MT, Graphic Imprints is a company that is well known for its fun outdoors-inspired designs. Whether you are on the hunt for a t-shirt, a ball cap, or a decorative sticker this fun company has got you covered. Passionate about forming friendly connections with its clients, Graphic Imprints values top-tier customer service!

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