Alpine Morning Christmas Ornament by Rosemary Millette from Inner Beauty


SKU: 74440


  • reverse hand-painted ornament with gold tassel
  • mouth-blown glass
  • measures 6" tall

If you've ever visited the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, you've likely spotted these agile, gravity-defying bighorn sheep traversing steep cliffs. Though bighorn sheep can be found all over the mountains of the west, you can bring their adventurous spirit home with you this holiday season with the Rosemary Millette Alpine Morning Christmas Ornament by Inner Beauty!

Rosemary Millette has been an artist her entire life. Inspired by the open country and wildlife of her home state of South Dakota, Rosemary enjoys painting photorealistic scenes of iconic game that captures their spirit and their habitat. A proud conservationist, Millettes' work has even been selected for over a dozen states' conservation stamps! This Alpine Morning Christmas Ornament by Inner Beauty is a reverse hand-painted glass ornament featuring the legendary work of Rosemary Millette, meaning you can now bring this remarkable piece of art into your home this holiday season!