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Sleep Snoozy Cozy Coozy Animals by Sleeping Bear Press


SKU: 73108


  • Measures approx. 11 x 9
  • Written by Judy Young
  • Illustrated by Michael Glenn Monroe
  • 32 Pages

Do you feel like you are constantly searching for a book that will not only lull your child to sleep but will also educate them in the process! We have the perfect storybook for you! The Sleepy Snoozy Cozy Coozy Animals by Sleeping Bear Press is a great option for offering your child some bedtime motivation! Snuggle up and learn all about the bedtime habits of several creatures local to Montana; moles, moose, beavers, and more! Tune in to discover how these fascinating animals make their beds, and why they sleep as they do! Featuring fun, singsongy poems, your child will be thrilled to practice sleeping just as their favorite woodland creatures do!

Sleeping Bear Press is passionate about creating books that inspire the next generation! In fact, as they put it, they are "deeply committed to the mission of providing books that engage, entertain, and educate. These award-winning books provide opportunities for children to explore the world in educational, library, and home settings". Get your hands on a few of our children's book options from Sleeping Bear Press, your youngsters will be thoroughly delighted!

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