Salt Keeper Duet by Totally Bamboo


SKU: 77160


  • Dual-chambered Container
  • Swivel Lid and Magnetic Lock
  • Hand Wash Only

Looking for a simple way to step up your kitchen decor? Check out the Salt Keeper Duet by Totally Bamboo.  This attractive salt keeper is made out of 100% organically grown Moso bamboo.  In addition to the ethical harvest of the bamboo in which this salt keeper is made, it also features a smart design.  This smart design includes a swivel lid, with a magnetic lock, ensuring that it closes firmly.  This salt keeper is very easy to care for, and only requires being wiped down with a damp cloth.

Totally Bamboo is a family-owned company located in San Marcos, California.  This company is credited with developing the very first bamboo cutting board, and since then, has been providing high-quality bamboo cutting boards for its wide customer base.  The Moso bamboo harvested by Totally Bamboo is certified 100% organic.  This material is very durable, and makes an excellent addition to any kitchen!