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Santa with List by Santa's Workshop


SKU: 79399


  • Approx. 12" tall
  • Moveable arms
  • Will stand flat on a surface

Jolly Old St. Nick is at it again! He's making a list and checking it twice . . . well, you know the rest! Santa with List by Santa's Workshop embodies that joy of the season and allows you to incorporate it in your decorating schemes this Christmas season. Whether you collect Santa figurines or just appreciate this classic Christmas fellow, he would look great amongst the greenery and lights of your decorations. In his classic red garb, he comes complete with a sack full of gifts for the good girls and boys as well as the famed list itself. From what we can see, no one has a naughty mark by their name, so all these young children should wake up to wonderful gifts on Christmas day! 

You'll really appreciate the details of this little tabletop Santa. His big gold belt buckle and matching buttons, the holly in his hat, and the beautiful white beard make him look like he's walked straight out of a storybook. Your kids will enjoy having a Santa figure in the home during the holidays as you read them 'Twas the Night Before Christmas while you sip on hot cocoa under the Christmas lights. Each time Santa is mentioned, the family can look over fondly and smile at those rosy cheeks and that bowl full of jelly. For that traditional, classic Santa Claus look, we highly recommend this Santa with List by Santa's Workshop!