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Seafoam Green Cassini Terrestrial MOVA Globe


SKU: 67052


    • Rotating globe powered by ambient light
    • Includes clear stand
    • Based on an antique map from 1790 created by Giovanni Maria Cassini.

Who doesn't love works of art that tell a story of history? This Seafoam Green Cassini Terrestrial MOVA Globe blends green oceans with the historic map developed by the astronomer Cassini in 1970. It depicts the three voyages taken by Captain James Cook and also shows the position of the sun with a red meridian. You may notice that Antartica is not on this globe, as James Cook did not believe it existed at the time!

MOVA Globes are powered by ambient light, with no batteries or cords involved. The included clear stands support the globe without distracting from their beauty, making this a great gift or desktop accessory! You can browse our extensive MOVA Globe collection here.