Selenite Heart by Western Woods Distributing


SKU: 80962


  • Approx. 2.5"
  • Made from Selenite
  • Each heart is extremely unique. This picture is representative of what the heart looks like, but we cannot guarantee that you will get this exact one. 

There is something calming about the mesmerizing color of Selenite. Which is one of the reasons why Selenite is said to be a powerful healing crystal that promotes peace and calm, mental clarity, and well-being. The Selenite Heart by Western Woods Distributing makes for a stunning sparkly decoration that will look great on any shelf or desk! Just look at this amazing heart, doesn't it bring you relief? Although, there's no evidence to support the metaphysical or healing properties of crystals, we can't help but feel at ease by the beauty of this stunning Selenite heart. 

From mini vases, to candle holders, to stone bowls, there is nothing that Western Woods Distributing can't do. Founded in 1980 in Utah, this great company provides natural and enhanced minerals to retailers worldwide. By having good relationships with their oversea suppliers to ensure a fast productions for customers.  Here at the Montana Gift Corral, we enjoy working with Western Woods to bring you their amazing products and to provide equally great service for any question you need answered!

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