Sharon Nowlan Grow Together Wall Art by Demdaco


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 72703


  • Measures 10" tall and 8" wide
  • Materials: wood, paper, and glass
  • Artist: Sharon Nowlan

The beautiful sea glass artwork of Sharon Nowlan is something unique that you can display in your home. Sharon Nowlan's Grow Together Wall Art by Demdaco also represents what it takes for a family to come together and grow into one. Just as ferns, the members of your family are diverse and require differing amounts of love and light to grow. Hanging this piece of wall art in your home can help you to remember that.

Sharon Nowlan is inspired by the natural beauty found on her walks on the beach. Using the materials she discovers, she translates those feelings into simple pieces of art. Grow Together is framed in dark-stained pinewood, ensuring the elegance of the sea glass will stand out and be noticed. Whether hanging on your wall or sitting on your mantle, Sharon Nowlan Grow Together Wall Art by Demdaco will become a fast favorite for you.