Sharon Nowlan In My Heart Wall Art by Demdaco


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 80187


  • 6" x 6" 
  • Gray Frame
  • Back Easel and Triangle hanger

Whether it be friends, family, or someone you just met, keeping someone in your heart during difficult times is a little thing that speaks volumes. The Sharon Nowlan In My Heart Wall Art by Demdaco makes a great gift for any loved one that needs to hear that you are thinking of them during a hard moment. Gazing at this wall art, they will be filled with the warmth of love and have them feeling appreciated.

Sharon Nowlan is inspired by the natural beauty found around her whether it be during her walks on the beach or in the hearts of the people she meets. Using the materials she discovers, she translates abstract feelings into stunning pieces of art. The great part about this wall art is that you don't need to buy a frame for it as it already comes with a wooden gray frame ensuring the color of the sea glass will stand out and be noticed. Any wall art piece by Sharon Nowlan is sure to light up any room you put it in. 

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