Shelle Lindholm Timber Blue-Eyed Bear Metal Box Art by Meissenburg Designs


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  • 18'' x 26''
  • Aluminum Box
  • Made in America
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Are you trying to find a beautiful piece of contemporary art that can be used inside over a favorite fireplace, or outside on the patio during parties? Shelle Lindholm Blue-Eyed Bear Metal Box Art could be just the thing for you! Printed on an aluminum sheet that is then folded into a box, the art depicts a black bear with brilliant blue eyes that draw you into his gaze. Grown bears all have a brown yellowish eye color, which is what makes this piece so unique; what you are seeing combines what happens naturally in the wild with the whimsy of the artist's own vision, which makes it that much more exciting.

Shelle Lindholm is a celebrated artist, with numerous accreditations and awards to her name. Her art has been described as a mix of primal and contemporary, and she draws her inspiration for her art from the animals and nature that surround her home in the Rocky Mountains.

Whether you are a veteran art collector, or are just looking for one great piece to have in your house, you can't go wrong with Shelle Lindholm Blue-Eyed Bear Metal Box Art!