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Shelle Lindholm Grey Bear Metal Box Wall Art by Meissenburg Designs


SKU: 70149


  • 18" x 26"
  • Made in Montana
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     Dark grey clouds cover the skies, the mountains are muted, and all around snow flies. Winters in Montana are cold, grey and harsh. From out of the rainbow of greys you catch a glimpse of amber eyes. Shelle Lindholm's Grey Bear Metal Box Wall Art from Meissenburg Designs is reminiscent of those jarring Montana winters. The Grey Bear Metal Box Wall Art by Shelle Lindholm from Meissenburg Designs feels as if you can see every detailed hair in this bear's salt-and-pepper pelt. Amongst all the monochromatic greys, the Grey Bear Metal Box Wall Art by Shelle Lindholm from Meissenburg Designs' deep rust-colored eyes stand out in a way that will make you and your guests stop and stare every time. 

     Shelle Lindholm accurately describes her work as a "wild, quirky mix of primal and contemporary." A resident of Montana, her art captures the untamed character of the American west while expressing the enchanting pleasures of living in such a place. The Black Bear Metal Box Art is certainly no exception