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Shelle Lindholm Little Miss Sunshine Metal Box Wall Art by Meissenburg Design


SKU: 69790


  • Approx. 18" x 18"
  • Made in Montana
  • Please call 1-800-242-5055 or email for accurate expedited shipping costs.

      Bring a little sunshine into your home with the Little Miss Sunshine Metal Box Wall Art by Shelle Lindholm from Meissenburg Design!  The beautiful Little Miss Sunshine Metal Box Wall Art by Shelle Lindholm features one of Montana's most beloved residents and state animal, the Grizzly Bear! But there's no need to fear this adorable bear! The Little Miss Sunshine Metal Box Wall Art by Shelle Lindholm is as sweet as can be, she just wants to bring a little summertime sun to your home! Featuring Shelle Lindholm's signature bold strokes and bright colors, the Little Miss Sunshine Wall Art is the perfect Montana-Made addition to any western-loving home! 

     Shelle Lindholm is the recipient of numerous awards and teaching accreditations. She has described her work as primal contemporary which comes through in droves with this piece. Watching animals in their natural environments is admittedly what Shelle is doing when she's not working on her art, and that is how she feels she is able to capture the essence of the animals that she paints so well.