Shelle Lindholm Snow Princess Bobcat Metal Box Wall Art by Meissenburg Designs


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  • Aluminum Panels
  • Made in Montana
  • Approx. 18" x 26"
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In Shelle Lindholm's Snow Princess Bobcat Metal Box Wall Art from Meissenburg Designs a beautiful bobcat stands poised in the snow. Shelle Lindholm captures the beauty and elegance of the bobcat expertly in her unique and wonderful painting. Did you know that bobcats can be found all the way to the north in Southern Canada, throughout the United States, and as far south as Southern Mexico? Well, with the Snow Princess Bobcat Metal Box Wall Art by Shelle Lindholm you can find these majestic creatures in your very own home! And even though they are found everywhere, the image of a bobcat brings to mind mighty mountains and vast pine forests. So bring home a bobcat with the Snow Princess Bobcat Metal Box Wall Art by Shelle Lindholm and have a taste of the wild and of Montana with you where you may roam. 

 Shelle Lindholm accurately describes her work as a "wild, quirky mix of primal and contemporary." A resident of Montana, her art captures the untamed character of the American west while expressing the enchanting pleasures of living in such a place. The Black Bear Metal Box Art is certainly no exception!