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Shelle Lindholm Three Bear Line Up Wall Art by Meissenburg Designs (2 Styles)


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  • Made in Montana
  • Materials: Wood
  • Approx. 36" x 82"
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  • Please note: these pieces are three horizontal wood planks each measuring 12" When put together, the total piece measures 36" tall.

Shelle Lindholm is a brilliant artist who captures the vibrant and quirky side of nature elegantly in her paintings. Her portraits of bears are some of her best paintings, giving each bear its own unique feel. And with the Shelle Lindholm Three Bear Line Up Wall Art by Meissenburg Designs, you can see the uniqueness! This piece features three of Shelle Lindholm's bear portraits all lined up in a row! Available in two separate colors the Earth Colors piece features some of her darker-toned images, giving the bears a natural and rustic look while the Bright Colors features a more vibrant and quirky color scheme! Whichever Three Bear Line Up you choose you'll feel like you're in the middle of the beautiful Big Sky Country right in your own home.

Shelle Lindholm gets inspiration for her paintings from the wildlife near her home. With her studio situated at the edge of the woods, Shelle gets to watch different animals and birds frolic and play. Shelle Lindholm says “The shenanigans I see animals do never cease to amaze me. They are chock full of live-in-the-moment goodness. The make me laugh. And cry. They touch my soul and teach me something new every day - if I stop, watch, and listen.” That emphasis and excitement for the natural world shines through in all of her artwork. We can't wait for you bring a bit of that into your own home with the Shelle Lindholm Three Bear Line Up Wall Art by Meissenburg Designs.