Shelle Lindholm Wild and Wooly Metal Box Art by Meissenburg Designs


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  • 18" x 26" x 3"
  • Printed on aluminum
  • Made in America
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If you're looking for an authentic piece of contemporary western art, Shelle Lindholm's Wild and Wooly Metal Box Art could be just the thing for you. Printed on an aluminum backing that allows this piece to be set out in the elements, it is then shaped into a box. It depicts a bear and crows in true Shelle Lindholm fashion. The bright and vibrant colors, along with the layers that the separate animals create, are what would make this such a riveting centerpiece in any house.

Shelle Lindholm is based out of Kalispell, Montana. Living near the rocky mountains, she has all of the inspiration for art anyone could possibly want. Her paintings draw on the animals and nature that surround her, and her art has been called a mix of primal and contemporary. Shelle started drawing and painting at a young age, and feels that telling the stories of the animals she paints is what sets her art apart.

Weather you are an art collector, or simply trying to find the right piece for a patio or next to your fireplace, Shelle Lindholm's Wild and Wooly Metal box art is a great choice, and will be sure to be the conversation starter at your next gathering.