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Shelle Lindholm Windswept Buffalo Metal Box Art from Meissenburg Designs


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  • Approx. 18" x 26"
  • Made in Montana
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     The American Bison can be found in all fifty states of the United States of America. However, there's something special about the bison you can find in Montana, especially the ones in Yellowstone National Park. Bring home a Made-in-Montana Buffalo with the Shelle Lindholm Windswept Buffalo Metal Box Art from Meissenburg Designs. Shelle Lindholm strives to capture the spirit of an animal in her paintings and she does just that in her Windswept Buffalo Metal Box Art. Gazing at the Windswept Buffalo Metal Box Art you will almost feel like it is gazing back with its wide soulful eyes. The Shelle Lindholm Windswept Buffalo Metal Box Art shows that these gentle giants just want to graze and roam, but luckily this buffalo just wants to follow you home. 

    Shelle Lindholm gets inspiration for her paintings from the wildlife near her home. With her studio situated at the edge of the woods, Shelle gets to watch different animals and birds frolic and play. Shelle Lindholm says “The shenanigans I see animals do never cease to amaze me. They are chock full of live-in-the-moment goodness. The make me laugh. And cry. They touch my soul and teach me something new every day - if I stop, watch, and listen.”