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Short Cobble Stand by Funky Rock (2 colors)


Brand: Funky Rock
SKU: 75279


  • Measures approx. 4" tall
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Made from locally sourced stone

Do you love that Chrome Cobbled Beverage Dispenser by Funky Rock you bought last year? Make it even more versatile with the addition of a Short Cobble Stand from Funky Rock! Now, instead of pouring your drinks over the edge of the table, you can lift your beverage dispenser to the perfect height of a tumbler glass. Easily and seamlessly pour drinks out of your favorite Funky Rock! With colors in black and gray, you can match the stand you already have! 

Funky Rock is a company all about American ingenuity. Searching for the most beautiful rocks to be found in oceans and river beds, they shape them into these beautiful pieces. Much of the unique design is done by the natural pound and pressure of the water, so you know you're getting something really individual. So add to that cool Funky Rock dispenser collection with a Short Cobble Stand by Funky Rock!