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Simon Treadwell Santa with Lantern Inner Beauty Christmas Ornament


SKU: 74310


  • Bell-shaped glass ornament
  • Measures 4" long
  • Hand-painted from the inside

Once all the children are peacefully tucked away in their beds, Santa's work has just begun! By the light of the night, he takes gifts and treats all across the world in just a single night! This iconic image of Santa illuminated by lantern shows how late into the night his work must go. With snow falling in the background and that all-knowing look of who is naughty and who is nice, this glass ornament evokes all the wonderful feelings of Christmas when hanging on your Christmas tree! 

Inner Beauty glass ornaments follow an ancient tradition of painting scenes on the inside of the glass. With specialized shaped brushes and a unique eye for detail, getting an Inner Beauty Ornament means getting an heirloom that will last through the holidays for years to come. Simon Treadwell is an illustrator who specializes in hyperrealism, who has now decided to devote his talents to creating art for the joy of the Christmas season! Bring that into your home with the Santa With Lantern Inner Beauty Christmas Ornament!