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Slim Can Cooler by Alaska Wild and Free (8 Designs)


SKU: 81283


  • Slim Size Huggie
  • Made in Alaska
  • Made of Neoprene and Foam
  • 8 Nature-Inspired Designs to Choose From

Stay cool and enjoy your favorite slim canned drink with the Slim Can Cooler by Alaska Wild and Free! This can cooler is made of neoprene and foam and is adorned with 8 nature-inspired designs to choose from, making it unique and stylish. It fits snugly around your slender can and keeps your hand warm and your drink cold. Let Alaska Wild and Free be your go-to companion for any outdoor adventure!

Based in Alaska, Kristi Trimmer is the mastermind and head artist behind Alaska Wild and Free. Her passion for Alaskan wildlife and her adventures outdoors is what inspires Kristi's illustrations. Throughout her career as a nomadic writer, she has taken thousands of photos that she uses as the base inspiration for her drawings. From vibrant can coolers to coloring books, Alaska Wild and Free has exactly what you need to add some color to your life!