Sling Bag by Art Studio Company (4 Styles)


SKU: 64795


  • Measures 13" wide x 14.5" high x 9" deep
  • 100% Cotton
  • Reversible

It's time to up your tote bag game with the tan and Sling Bag by The Art Studio Company! There are so many great features to this bag it is sure to become a fast favorite! First of all, it's comfortable to wear. With the 20" strap made of soft cotton, this bag won't dig into your shoulder when it gets full like a traditionally worn bag. Plus, disturbing the weight across your body instead of on your back or shoulder is always better for you! The bead and loop closure system will help you keep your belongings safe and secure! Plus, the patterns are just plain fun!

The Art Studio Company has one major mission: enhance your home and your aesthetic with items that are socially conscious while also being hand-crafted. Each item Art Studio chooses to bring you has the earth in mind. Everything is designed in the United States and then sent to small villages where they are made with earth-friendly materials that benefit the people in the community. Do your next grocery run or shopping trip in style and comfort with the Sling Bag by The Art Studio Company.